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The Valley we love suffered another blow this week. On Monday, Akron’s Planning and Development Committee made the decision to send Riverwood to the City Council for a vote to rezone the property for development. They didn’t address any of the serious concerns raised by citizens across Akron, and only made minor changes to the developer’s plans.

Is this disappointing? Yes.

Are we out of options? No.

It's now up to Akron City Council. They will have the final say on what happens to Riverwood. What they decide will impact the Valley for years to come. If you can give us just 15 minutes of your time this week, here’s how you can help us speak up for Riverwood:

Akron Residents: Contact your Ward council member by phone or email and ask them to vote NO on the Riverwood rezoning and tax abatement. Include your address. If you want to give your council member a reason why they should vote NO, we’ve included a list of reasons at the end of this newsletter.

Got an extra 5 minutes? Forward this newsletter to 2 other Akronites. Ask them to email their council members to vote NO on Riverwood.

Non-Akron Residents: Email Mayor Horrigan at and let him know that you are against the Riverwood development and that Akron’s decisions are impacting everyone who uses, or lives near, the Cuyahoga Valley. Tell Mayor Horrigan that Akron needs to wait for a Master Plan to be completed. Include your city in your email. (If you live in the Woodridge School District, your district will also lose tax income if Riverwood is approved.)

Thanks for your time and support this week. Despite this setback, we believe better days are ahead for the Valley!

Preserve the Valley team


  • Petros Developers would get a tax break from Akron estimated at $10 MILLION over 15 years which hurts local schools.

  • It is unfair to push Akron’s tax burden onto less-wealthy areas in order to give a tax break to homeowners of high-end homes in Riverwood.

  • This area of the Valley is already prone to flooding. It shouldn’t be rezoned for residential housing.

  • Council should wait on making a decision until after a Master Plan is completed later this year.

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