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About Gateway Communities

Preserve the Valley applauds the recent decisions by the City of Akron, the City of Cuyahoga Falls, and the Village of Peninsula to designate their communities as Cuyahoga Valley National Park Gateway Communities in order to enhance cooperation with the parks and increase our region's potential as a tourism destination.


What are National Park Gateway Communities?  According to the National Parks Conservation Association, they are places near the national parks which "preserve community character, promote park and community health, and stimulate the local economy." They play a key role because they are entry and exit points for national parks. However, they also require careful and cooperative planning to avoid the problems of overdevelopment which can impact the lives of residents and the health of the park itself.

Want to learn more?


Watch this informational video sponsored by the National Park Service and Conservation Fund.

Check out this link to information on the Gateway Community concept & download a sourcebook guide.

Listen to a recent radio interview with officials from Akron, Peninsula, and the CVNP on The Sound of Ideas (November 3, 2022).

Read the informational brochure we created below: 

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