Where is the property located?

It encompasses a 43 acre triangle of land between Theiss and Hardy Roads. It is adjacent to Hampton Hills Mountain Bike Area in Summit Metro Parks (2092 Theiss Rd. Akron, OH) and sits above the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. It consists of woods, hills, and wetlands.

Who owns the property?

It is owned by the city of Akron. On August 3, 2020 the city issued a call for proposals from developers of upscale, single family homes, setting a discounted purchase price of $361,520 for the land and offering a 15 year residential tax abatement to developers.

One of the development proposals

What development plans have been submitted?

Five proposals have been submitted calling for 70% of the land to be cleared for 65 -- 110 single family homes ranging in price up to $420,000 depending on the plan. No environmental impact study was done. The planned development does not have water or sewer infrastructure.  The environmental effects of this development would include increased run-off, flooding, and erosion in the Valley.


What's next?

On December 4, under intense public pressure from Preserve the Valley supporters and others, the city of Akron agreed to open the process to conservation proposals along with the five development proposals.  Here are the conservation guidelines (RFP) set by the city. We are thrilled that the city has decided to look at conservation ideas. Proposals are due March 31 and will be reviewed on April 9. 

Conservation proposals are due by March 31, 2021 and they will be judged 
against the 5 development proposals.
Please reach out to Preserve the Valley for more information if you are interested in submitting a conservation proposal.