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Signs of Hope

As 2023 gets underway, we are seeing signs of hope...

Bald eagles, river otters, and trumpeter swans have all been spotted in the Valley this winter. Check out the amazing picture of a local bald eagle above. This shows an improving ecosystem and demonstrates nature's ability to bounce back if given the right conditions. Here's an Audubon video with more "wins" from the world of birds this year.

We are also seeing signs that citizens' collective voices are beginning to be heard. We applaud the extraordinary efforts of local citizens last year who sent emails to elected officials, made phone calls, picked up roadside trash, organized public meetings, posted yard signs, and spread the word on environmental issues that affect all of us. Similar actions in the past saved many of the greenspaces, parks, and wildlife we enjoy today, so you are truly making a future difference!

What's next for Preserve the Valley in 2023?

  • Citizen Advocacy: We will continue to advocate for citizens by helping to share information on local environmental events and meetings through our media channels and newsletter. Keep us updated and we'll keep on posting.

  • Primary Elections: Preserve the Valley will be asking all the candidates for Akron Mayor and each of the Council races, a set of three pertinent questions related to environmental issues, in preparation for the May 2 primary. We will print their answers verbatim for voters in our March and April newsletters.

  • Save Theiss: We will continue to push for the 100% conservation of the Theiss Woods property and for a more citizen-involved process in public land decisions. We will keep speaking up for a better tax abatement program in Akron and stronger tree canopy standards in the Valley.


HELP PROTECT HALEY'S RUN: Public hearing on whether to approve a salvage yard expansion next to Haley's Run Trail in Ward 10 is scheduled for February 6th (1pm.) in the Akron City Council Planning Committee. It could also come before Council (7 pm.). Attend to show your support for this valuable Akron greenspace. If you can't attend, tell your Akron councilmember to vote NO on the Junkyard expansion.

KEEP US GROWING: Help PTV to reach our goal of 1200 subscribers in 2023. Ask one person you know to sign up as a newsletter subscriber here. It's free and keeps us all connected.

In this time of political division, we often forget how connected we actually are, to each other and to the earth. When habitats are healthy, so are the people. When cities protect their greenspace, tree canopies, fields and wetlands, they are more apt to provide a better quality of life for all their citizens. The environment affects the socioeconomics of a city's citizens and their health. Thanks for helping Preserve the Valley speak up for our local environment in order to keep the bald eagles -- and us -- here.

Photo art credit: Jeffrey Gibson, Crooked River Images

Coming up in February's Newsletter: Merriman Valley Future plans

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