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Paying It Forward

If parks and greenspaces have saved you during this pandemic, we ask you to take a few minutes to pay it forward to Nature and help us save a special greenspace for the benefit of future generations. We need everyone's voices, near and far, to speak up over the next two weeks to protect the 45 acres of Theiss Woods (shown above) near the Cuyahoga Valley National Park from development.

Why? Because Theiss Woods' 33 football fields of tree canopy saves the Valley from dangerous storm-water run-off. Because mink (yes, mink!!!), fox, deer, coyote, owls, and more -- have been spotted there. Because we believe it's wrong for the City of Akron to sell its "last major greenfield" for an upscale housing development when many of Akron's low-income families live in areas without adequate greenspaces.

Check out the new Theiss Woods document on our website to learn even more about the special-ness of this property:

Even if you've spoken up for Theiss in the past, we ask that you help us again -- and tell family and friends near and far to join in over the next two weeks before Akron officials begin deliberations in early April. Remember Theiss is public land -- so our voices should matter. Greenspaces affect us all. Here's how to help:


To reach more concerned residents, Preserve the Valley will be posting easy-to-do advocacy tasks & some heart-warming Save Theiss Woods student artwork throughout the next two weeks on our social media platforms:

STEP 1: Be sure you're "following/liking" us FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM

STEP 2: SIGN UP for Push Notifications! Why? This will ensure you see the content we post right away and you can share with friends and family. How? Navigate to the PTV Facebook page, click the triple dot symbol and select "Follow Settings". Select "All Notifications" and click "Update"

STEP 3: ENGAGE Engaging with our content helps us reach more people and furthers the conservation cause. When you like, comment, share and engage with our social media content, those behind-the-scenes algorithms then show our content to more accounts. We know it sounds simple, but that's the best way to help us spread the message of Theiss Woods far and wide.


1.) Read, forward, and share this newsletter with your contacts.

2.) Call or email Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan or Deputy Mayor Hardy to tell them you oppose the development of Theiss Woods and want it to be preserved/conserved.

Mayor Dan Horrigan 330-375-2345

Deputy Mayor James Hardy

3.) Call, email, or reach out to the offices of U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown or U.S. Representative Tim Ryan to ask for their help and support of the Theiss Woods conservation effort since Theiss is part of a belt of greenspace that protects the southern end of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, a national treasure.

SAVE THE DATE: Our next Preserve the Valley Events

April 10, 1:00 to 3:00pm : Rally for the Valley

April 24 : Valley Clean-up

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