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Our Own Grand Canyon?

What do Grand Canyon and Cuyahoga Valley National Parks have in common? Grand Canyon was the sixth most-visited National Park in 2020 with 2.8 million visitors and Cuyahoga Valley National Park was number seven with 2.7 million. Let that fact sink in: Cuyahoga Valley National Park (33,000 acres) ranked just below GRAND CANYON NATIONAL PARK (1.2 million acres) in visitors in 2020. CVNP also drew more visitors in 2020 than the two major urban parks in D.C. and L.A. combined. That's why Preserve the Valley believes that the Cuyahoga Valley is at a major turning point as it faces both big opportunities and big challenges. All of us must play a part in preserving, protecting, and planning for the Valley's future. Here are some ways to help us spread the word as we head into July and August: SHARE THE NUMBERS: Tell everyone you know -- friends, family, and colleagues -- how CVNP ranked just below the Grand Canyon in visitors last year. Visitors and residents alike need to understand CVNP's unique value. Click the link at the bottom to download the National Park 2020 ratings. STAY INFORMED: Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and share our weekly posts and updates within your own social media groups. SAVE THE DATE: Public sessions to begin a Master Planning process for the southern end of the Valley (Merriman Valley) are scheduled for August 17-19. Save these dates and plan to participate in these important events. Want to know more? Check out this page of our website. JOIN MOUNTAIN BIKE MONDAYS, June 28, July 12, July 19 at 6 pm at Hampton Hills Mountain Bike park (weather permitting): Meet Preserve the Valley members for a ride followed by a conversation about the Valley. Look for the PTV sign in the grassy parking lot. WALK & TALK with PRESERVE THE VALLEY at SUMMIT LAKE, July 14, 6:30 - 7:30 pm: Last month, we visited one of Summit Metro Parks oldest parks. On July 14, we'll be at the newest Metro Park at Summit Lake. Meet at the Summit Lake Community Center, 380 W. Crosier Street, and take a short walk to the Summit Lake Nature Center located at the renovated Pump House. APPLAUSE! APPLAUSE! We have now surpassed 1000 Subscribers to Preserve the Valley. We are beyond grateful to have been joined by so many folks who love and care for the Valley as much as we do.

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