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Advocating for a #OneValley Coalition

The Cuyahoga Valley National Park saw 2.7 million park users in 2020.  As the 7th-most visited national park in the United States, we believe that the Cuyahoga Valley is at a major turning point -- facing both big opportunities and big challenges.  With planning and collaboration, this region could become a world-class destination for tourism and recreation, and a national environmental success story.  Harnessing the economic opportunities of tourism and recreation could benefit local businesses and create jobs throughout the region.


However, the Valley also faces issues with aging infrastructure, inadequate and unsafe roadways and bikeways, inequitable share of costs, overdevelopment, fragmented zoning rules, and no long-term vision.  We believe that none of these issues can be addressed unless all of the Valley's stakeholders (cities, parks, businesses, citizens, and nonprofits) come together to problem solve and collaborate in planning for the Valley's future.  

Therefore, Preserve the Valley is calling for the re-establishment of the Valley Communities Council that existed decades ago to address these issues.  We envision a coalition called "OneValley" comprised of a representative from each of the Valley's adjacent cities & townships, school districts, parks and major nonprofit entities as well as citizen representatives from local business, entertainment, and outdoor recreation groups.  Quarterly public meetings would give citizens' information and access to the process.  


While we recognize that each stakeholder and city in the Valley is unique, we believe that this approach would create a framework to start addressing the Valley's challenges and planning for its future as a world-class place to live and play.



Did You Know?


In the 1970s, the Cuyahoga Valley had a Communities Council (CVCC) made up of representatives from all cities, townships, and school districts bordered by the National Park.  It met monthly to cooperatively address issues such public safety in the Valley, taxation, traffic congestion issues, and infrastructure funding/costs.  Meetings were open to the public and included public comment time. 

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