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Preserve the Valley is a citizens' action coalition dedicated to engaging and amplifying citizens' voices in protecting, and planning for, the future of the Cuyahoga Valley region.


Our immediate action projects are focused on two endangered areas of the Cuyahoga Valley:  Riverwood is a 76 acre former golf course along the Cuyahoga River slated for 197 high-end housing units. Theiss encompasses 43 acres of woodlands near the national park and has been called Akron's "last major greenspace." It is being considered for 60 -110 high-end homes.


These developments will cause untold ecological harm to our beloved parks and rivers.  They offer lucrative tax abatements to developers and wealthy homeowners which harms local schools.  Without proper planning, they will add increased strain on our stressed infrastructures.  

We believe the southern end of the Cuyahoga Valley needs a Master Plan to guide and support its future growth before it is too late to change course.  We believe the Valley's residents and visitors must be included in the planning process. Please join us in calling for a pause in new development until a 2021 Master Plan is completed.

"Residential development around the park has nearly doubled over the past 50 years."

           Akron Beacon Journal,

June 26, 2020

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